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Kanom: 5 PCS of Dried & Grilled Duck Necks For Dog. Natural Snack. Reduce & Eliminate TAR TAR and bad breath!

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Homemade Dog Treats KanomNongHma

*We select only the highest quality raw materials as human food, fresh daily, without preservatives and any flavorings. We bake with modern equipment, so our products will be clean and safe for your dog.
Our dog snacks are truly produced for the benefit and health of dogs. Suitable for a snack or a reward for your beloved dog.

🥇All the products of our shop are sterilized with modern tools every time before production. Be assured that it is safe for you for sure.🥇

"Bake with care 🖐️ Made with heart 🧡 Safe 💯 Non-toxic ✔"

**Ka-Nom Nong Hma Air-Dried Duck Necks**

(This listing have 5 piece of Dried Duck Necks )

🦆🦆🦆Duck neck products 🦆🦆🦆
✨ Dental flossing to reduce limestone, suitable for dogs who have problems with limestone and bad breath.
✨✨Use fresh quality raw materials, no preservatives, no color, no flavorings.
✨✨✨ Vacuum pack and can be kept for dogs to eat for longer

✨🦆Price : 5 necks (200g.) 22 USD🦆✨
✨✨Buy 3 Get 1 (free)✨✨


🦆Dehydrated Duck Neck🦆

✨ It takes more than 2 days to dry, causing our duck neck to dry and become crispy to the bones. Suitable for dogs with bad breath and limestone problems.
✨✨This duck neck recipe focuses on polishing teeth and grinding stone for dogs with strong molars.

🦆Crispy Duck Neck🦆

✨ After drying for over 2 days, through a 4-step process to make our duck necks dry, crispy to chewable bones, suitable for dogs with bad breath problems and little-medium amount of limestone.
✨✨ This duck neck's recipe can be both the duck's neck to polish teeth, remove tartar, reduce bad breath, and can be a snack for dogs. Suitable for all breeds of dogs.


🐶if you need any assistance or interest in our products, you can chat with us via direct message.👩🏻

📌📌These snacks are suitable for dogs age 3 months and older.

❄️Products are packed in vacuum bags, can be stored at normal temperatures for up to 6 months. For freshness, we recommend a storage period below 3 months.

❄️❄️Our products are always new. If the bag is opened, it should be eaten within 7-14 days. The zip lock bag should be closed tightly at all times or put in a vacuum box to store in the refrigerator will help extend duration of the product.

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