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Why our harem pants different from another!

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Rayon harem pants (HP) and Cotton harem pants (HC)


HaremPantsThai is produce and sell Thai rayon harem pants under the brand name “NaughtyGirl”. All our products are the handmade products made by our family. A thing that makes HaremPantsThai’s products is outstanding from another brand is:

  • We use a best rayon fabric to make our products, we using 220 grams rayon fabric that is the best quality in the market it’s more durable a several time for washing and long life.

Thai rayon fabric
  • Our harem pants have fewer seams. Our harem pants made from only 2 pieces, one on top and one on bottom to make the pants is more strength and durable.

Thai handmade rayon haram pants
  • We did sewing carefully in every single seam by a standard industrial sewing machine to protect the damage when washing.

Harem Pants Sewing Seam
  • In the part of the elastic & smocked on the waist and the leg we using the best material in the market to make sure it’ll durable for the washing. The cheap elastic & smocked will lose when it pass a few washing but not happen with our products.

Harem Pants Elastic Smocked WaistHarem Pants Elastic Smocked Waist


We aim to do the long term business we would like the customer can wearing our harem pants as long as it can. Look forward to serving you.

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